Fringe Goes Dark

Well, that was creepy.

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe took a definite turn for the dark. Knowing that she was going to be followed by tentacled horror, Jo Hall chose to read a passage from Spark & Carousel in which the principal villain… well, that would be a spoiler, but it is a pretty nasty thing to do to someone.

Jonathan L Howard read the first two chapters of Carter & Lovecraft. There may have been a serial killer involved. And I might have told the audience to all make sanity rolls after hearing him read. I could not possibly confirm any of this, as I don’t want you to have to make sanity rolls too.

I am still processing the idea that Jonathan is releasing a book during the Rugby World Cup that has a hero with the same name as the All Blacks Fly Half. Synchronicity is dangerous were tentacled horrors are concerned.

Thanks to the additional publicity from the Bristol Festival of Literature we had a rather bigger crowd than usual. Hopefully some of them will come back next month. They should do, because on November 16th we have Lucy Hounsom and Stephanie Burgis, which is going to be spectacular. Details of the forward schedule can be found here.

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  1. Ooh – buy Steph some fabulous chocolatey confection, and present it to her as from me, and I will, um. Reimburse you in some vaguely appropriate manner, sometime, next time we find ourselves happily together…? (I just feel that Steph deserves More Chocolate, and I’m never in a position to supply it.)

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