Another Essay on Writing Trans Characters

While I was writing my essay on writing trans characters for Strange Horizons, a young person called Vee was writing one for The Gay YA, a website that focuses on LGBT+ issues in YA fiction (of all genres). Vee’s essay is very different from mine. They’ve been looking at the whole range of trans narratives in YA, including fairly high profile books such as Luna by Julie Anne Peters. When I reviewed that book five years ago I felt that on balance it was a good thing because there were so few trans narratives about. A lot has changed in five years, and I’m a lot less forgiving of books that disturb me. Vee has done a fine job of articulating exactly what is wrong with this type of book. If you are planning on writing a book with a trans character in it, or have an interest in trans issues, please read Vee’s essay and take on board what they say.