Webs of Mistrust

Most of you by now will have heard that a group of Really Real Fans have decided to set up some Really Real Awards that will be voted on by Really Real Fans. And the way that we’ll know if someone is a Really Real Fan or not is via a Trust system in which Really Real Fans can vouch for their friends and denounce their enemies. A lot of popcorn is getting eaten as a result.

It’s kind of sweet that people still believe that there are Really Real Fans who like the same sort of things that they do, and Fake Fans who don’t. Me, I’ve always been proud of being a Fake Fan. So to make sure that I will have a Trust Level approaching negative infinity, here are some of the reasons for which I have been told that I am “Not Part of Our Community”.

– Because I am a newbie who has not been raised in fannish culture.
– Because I am one of the Old White Men who need to be kicked out of fandom so that it can be a safe space for others.
– Because I am an SJW.
– Because I only pretend to support Social Justice.
– Because I am a woman.
– Because I am “really” a man.
– Because I haven’t read enough of the Classics.
– Because I don’t read enough YA.
– Because I distributed my fanzine electronically, thereby destroying fanzine fandom.
– Because I am one of the leaders of those horrible old fanzine fans.
– Because I attend the Masquerade at Worldcons.
– Because I attend the Business Meeting at Worldcons.
– Because I like sports.
– Because I don’t hate Americans.
– Because I am a filthy pro.
– Because authors all hate me.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I’d like to state now that any Really Real Awards that allow me to vote are clearly not Really Really Real, and should be viewed with deep suspicion by all Really Real Fans. Do not be fooled by Fake Really Real Awards. Really Real Fans should only participate in Real Really Real Awards. Accept no substitutes. Or I may have to denounce you. OK?

8 thoughts on “Webs of Mistrust

  1. I’m not entirely clear if Jay is misguided but well meaning or just trolling… I am currently leaning towards misguided – but hey, I thought that about Brad T too.

    He, and many self identified puppies, are really REALLY convinced there’s something wrong with the Hugo Awards and they need to show us how to fix it. Even if he can’t bring any data and doesn’t seem to understand that actually it might just be that people don’t like what you like and there are fewer people who think the way you do than you thought.

    On the same thread on Blackgate there’s a complete arse explaining how conventions must be coining it in because it’s not that expensive or hard to run these things because he once organized a ball… I shit you not.

    1. That’s another conspiracy theory that has been massively popular for as long as I’ve been involved in Worldcon. Generally they assume that Worldcon chairs make more money from the convention than Number of Members * Membership Fee. Math is not their strong suit.

  2. Oh, please out me. I’m not real either. Hey, I’ve been around since 1980, but I don’t count, as I’m not one of the ‘in’ crowd.

    No idea who the ‘in’ crowd in, mind. Maybe I’ll know when the Really Real Awards are made.

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    All the best people don’t exist, don’t’cha’know? 😉


    p.s. I’m not sure if I don’t exist as a fan, a faan, a phan, or a fanne. You? 😉

    p.p.s How does a Really Real Fan differ from a Trufan? Just wondering…

      1. Obviously, I’m not a member of enough inner cabals to understand/think that.

        Although obviously, if I was a member of certain inner cabals I’d not mention it.

        Cabal of Cabal Awards, anyone?

  3. It’s a clique.

    One thing in my life that has always been the case is that if there is a clique, I am on the outside. This is one reason that (for example) I have never been to a Corflu.

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