Jupiter Ascending – The Blu Ray

Jupiter Ascending

Last night I watched the Jupiter Ascending Blu Ray. Here are some thoughts.

I have quite a big television. It is not big enough for this film. Possibly nothing is big enough for this film.

There are several extras, but nothing like the thoughtful, in-depth discussion of choices that you get on Cloud Atlas. It is mostly just fun staff and a bunch of people saying how great the Wachowskis are to work with. Lana and Andy talk a bit about inspirations. They do not talk about a gender-swapped Matrix, but then such things can easily happen subconsciously, or simply because of narrative structures. They do talk about Cinderella, which I should have expected. They also talk about The Wizard of Oz, with Jupiter as Dorothy and Caine as Toto. I should have thought of that too, because mostly all Jupiter wants to do is go home.

The plot makes a lot more sense once you know who everyone is and you are not trying to figure things out as you go along. There’s a lot of world-building crammed into the film, and I suspect that stretched some viewers. Of course it is still space opera, and thus intrinsically silly, but at least you can follow what’s going on.

I want a TV series featuring Captain Tsing and her crew.

I enjoyed the movie even more second time through, despite the smallness of the screen. I want to see this film with Kevin. I am a hopeless romantic at times.

5 thoughts on “Jupiter Ascending – The Blu Ray

  1. Yeah, I expect my screen is three sizes too small to really appreciate Jupiter Ascending at home…

  2. “Possibly nothing is big enough for this film.”

    Never a truer word. I adored this film. Yes, it has problems. But the sheer joy with which everything was thrown into the mix, and the vast world that is just hanging out in the background, doing its own thing, made me so happy.

    Plus Space Opera, unselfconscious, gleeful Space Opera that knew what it was and didn’t want to be anything else.

    And Captain Tsing. I would watch anything with Captain Tsing and her crew in it. <3

    1. Seconded. Good Opera is first and foremost a spectacle; plot is subservient and subtlety is not its strongpoint. Space Opera needn’t be any different.

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