Which Country Am I In?

It was raining in the Bay Area when I left. When I got to Heathrow the weather was like California only about 10 degrees colder. I am confused.

I had a really smooth trip. The flight went fine. Passport control and baggage claim were very smooth – the move to Terminal 1 seems to have been good for United from that point of view. And then I just walked on and off trains in sequence managing the whole journey back to Darkest Somerset in a little over 3 hours from touchdown.

Settling back in has not been so smooth. My wireless modem may have given up the ghost. Fortunately I have a (non-wireless) backup so I could still get online. I’m mostly caught up, but I can’t go through my blog feeds because Google’s UK site appears to be offline. I always log into google.com as a matter of course, but when I’m in the UK that automatically redirects to google.co.uk, and that site is down. Or at least I can’t get to it. Very odd.

2 thoughts on “Which Country Am I In?

  1. I have swapped Virginia for Los Angeles – am I in a different country? It feels like it. Next weekend, I shall be in San Francisco…my first time. I hope the UK is kind to you this time around.

  2. Southern California and Virginia are totally different countries. The common language is an illusion.

    Sorry I won’t be there to show you around San Francisco. Email me if you want suggestions of places to go.

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