Thoughts on #TDoV

Laverne Cox on TDoV

1. As usual, Laverne Cox says things better than I can.

2. If UK people want to do something to help, one thing that would be very useful is to promote the Trans Manifesto. You can find out more about that here, but the basic idea is to ask parliamentary candidates if they will sign up to three core principles as follows:

  • Regard trans individuals as equal citizens with equal rights
  • Empower trans individuals to be authorities on all aspects of their own lives
  • Encourage diverse, representative, realistic and positive portrayals of trans individuals

You don’t have to be a trans person to ask candidates about this. In fact it is probably a more powerful message if you are not. You can also find out what your local candidates have said on the subject by looking them up here.

I note that as of the time of writing only 28 of 184 candidates contacted were willing to sign up to those principles. That’s just 15%. Still, that’s only a tiny fraction of the total number of candidates, so maybe things will be get better.

3. If you’d like to see a wonderfully diverse collection of visible trans people, this set of My Genderation videos by Fox & Lewis are an ideal introduction.

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