Translated Fiction Survey

There is a project going on at Bristol University at the moment that is looking at translation of literature from smaller European nations. As part of this they have a reader survey on SurveyMonkey. I am sure that they would be very grateful if you all filled it in. You can find it here.

By the way, there will be an academic conference at the university on the same subject in September. If anyone is interested, the call for papers is here.

And for local and London people there are a few other, less academic, events listed here.

3 thoughts on “Translated Fiction Survey

  1. I just completed the survey. I think they expect the participants to see translation as unusual. In my country / language it is the other way round, in my point of view there is much less original fiction around.
    – Well, the deadline for the call of papers is already over.

    1. I’m assuming they will get the IP addresses of respondents and be able to see how attitudes to translations vary by country.

      And yeah, shame about the deadline. But at least I’ll get to go to the conference.

  2. Well, I just mentioned it. 😉 I think it is a clever survey as you can write what you think and not just tick a box. – But probably they should have ask you where your home country is and what citizenship you have. (If I am bored, I may even fill out a survey when travelling. Guess I even did one – not this – on the airport in Bratislava, so in a foreign country.
    So you are going to the conference? – Great! Please blog about your experience!

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