That Time Of Year Again

I see from Twitter that people are complaining about writers listing their award-eligible work again. How refreshing and innovative. Not.

As many smarter and more eloquent people than me have said before, the people who get bullied into remaining silent by these campaigns are the very people who most need the publicity. So in solidarity with the many people out there who will be worried about putting their names forward, here’s my eligible fiction.

“Something in the Water”, published in Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion (Wizard’s Tower).

“The Dragon’s Maw”, published in The Girl At The End Of The World, Book 2 (Fox Spirit).

Having said that, I note that my story is by no means the best in Airship Shape. I’d be kind of embarrassed if it got nominated, but you should buy the book and judge for yourselves. The story in Girl At The End Of The World is much better. You might want to buy that book too, if only to tell me that I’m full of it.

3 thoughts on “That Time Of Year Again

  1. I note that your article, There‚Äôs More To Me Than Crisis And Tragedy published in Holdfast 4 has been nominated for the BSFA non-fiction award… good luck.

    1. I guess that’s one person has mentioned it, but it stands no chance of getting the three mentions it needs to get on the long list. I won’t hold my breath.

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