Weather Update

The wind is howling around outside, but we continue to be very lucky with the rain. I did remember to bring an umbrella, but it would be totally useless in this wind so I’m leaving it in the hotel room. The biggest problem with the wind is that my hair, being very fine, turns into a rats nest in minutes. It doesn’t really matter how much gunk I put on it – wind makes it look a mess. Furthermore, because it is so fine, most fancy hair clips don’t work. Fortunately I have some scrunchies with me, and they will have to do.

3 thoughts on “Weather Update

  1. Gigi:

    I have the gigantic sunglasses. It is kind of hot for scarves.


    Bobby pins? Shudder. Only if I have the scarf to cover them up with. Besides, what if I need one to pick a lock with?

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