Eurocon – Recommended Reading

The following recommendations come from the panels on translations, on non-Anglo SF&F, and on Polish SF.

These are from Andrzej Sapkowski who, much to my delight, came to the translations panel with a printed list:

  • Miroslav Žamboch (Czech) – Nuclear physicist, martial arts & extreme sports practitioner, fantasy writer — the Koniash series
  • Petra Neomillnerova (Czech) – Fantasy writer, The Song of a Sorceress
  • Alexandra Pavelková (Slovak) – The Vimka cyclus
  • Juraj “Duro” Červenák (Slovak) – The Warlock, The Adventures of Captain Báthory; also re-tellings of Slavic legends
  • Mikhail Uspenskij (Russian) – classic Russian SF writer
  • Henry Lion Oldi (Ukraine) – pen name of two-man writing team; fantasy series including a re-telling of the Hercules legends
  • Marina & Sergey Dayachenko (Ukraine) – whom I wrote about here
  • Władimir Arieniew (Ukraine) – fantasy & surrealism
  • Lavie Tidhar (Israel) – yeah, some guy… 😉
  • Javier Negrete (Spain) – heroic fantasy
  • Elia Barcelo (Spain) – a linguistics professor
  • Rafael Marin (Spain) – novelist, translator & comic writer

Swedish writers — these come from Ylva Spångberg and myself:

  • Erik Granström
  • Irmelin Sandman Lilius
  • Sven Christer Swahn
  • Karin Tidbeck
  • Nene Ormes
  • Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg
  • and, of course, Tove Jansson

Croatian writers — these come from Mihaela Marija Perković:

  • Darko Macan
  • Milena Benini
  • Dalibor Perković
  • Aleksandar Žiljak
  • David Kelečic
  • Iva Šakić Ristić
  • Irena Hartmann

Some of these people are in Kontakt.

Chinese writers, courtesy of Regina Wang, Ken Liu, John Chu & myself:

  • Ken Liu (Ken self-identifies as both American and Chinese)
  • John Chu
  • Chen Qiufan (a.k.a. Stanley Chan)
  • The women writers listed here
  • Han Song
  • and, of course, Liu Cixin, whose classic Three Body trilogy will be available from Tor next year, in a translation by Ken Liu

And finally a miscellany of other people and books:

  • Andreas Eschback (Germany) – The Carpet Makers
  • Angelica Gorodischer (Argentina) – Kalpa Imperial, Trafalgar
  • Johanna Sinisalo (Finland) – Not Before Sundown, Birdbrain, Blood of Angels
  • Salla Simukka (Finland) – The Snow White Trilogy (As Red as Blood due in English next week)
  • Daína Chaviano (Cuba) – The Island of Eternal Love
  • Samit Basu (India) – Turbulence and Resistance
  • Amish Tripathi (India) – The Shiva trilogy
  • Cosmos Latinos – anthology of Latin American SF&F, Andrea L. Bell & Yolanda Molina-Gavilán
  • The Polish Book of Monsters – Michael Kandel
  • Kaytek the Wizard – Janusz Korczak
  • and finally, everything by Andrzej Sapkowski

I’m sure I have missed some people who were recommended. Please add any more below in comments.

7 thoughts on “Eurocon – Recommended Reading

  1. Oi! You nicked two of ours for Sweden: Sandman Lilius and Jansson are Finnish even though they both wrote in Swedish 🙂

  2. Negrete has also written some excellent SF as well. Marín deserves to have his fantasy translated into English, as it’s so poetic in its use of language to create an effect.

    Now for a few others:

    Carlos Gardini (Argentina/Spain) The Trinidad Triptych – I reviewed his quest fantasy back in 2010 and rated it the best heroic fantasy for 2010 in a special for Locus Online.

    Jacek Dukaj’s The Cathedral is a SF that also deserves translation into English; available in Italian translation.

    Liliana Bodoc (Argentina) is finally beginning to be translated into English, starting with the fantasy trilogy opener Days of the Deer. Enjoyed that one quite a bit when I read it several years ago in Spanish.

    Juli Zeh (Germany) has had quite a few SFish novels translated in recent years. Liked her The Method when I read it last year.

    There are others that are failing to come to mind now, but here’s what did come to mind.

    1. Dukaj was mentioned in the Polish panel. I’ve been promised a list of more people.

      I love Juli Zeh’s work. I recommend Dark Matter.

  3. Also Sergey Lyukyanenko “Night Watch” & “Day Watch”, anything by Stanislaw Lem, Stefan Grabinski, Strugatski brothers (“Roadside picnic” is my favourite) and Bruno Schulz “The street of crocodiles”.

  4. And I know I missed some (and I hope they will forgive me)

    But I also forgot about the neighbors (in my defence, on one side there was my kid screaming for attention and on the other, Charlie Stross, and a number of other awesome people at the table.

    (I am presuming everyone knows about Zoran Živković)

    Serbian authors:
    Oto Oltvanji, the king of horror in the Balkans 😉
    Goran Škrobnja, whose Tesla novels deserve to be translated ASAP
    Darko Tuševljaković

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