Airship Ball Recordings

Queenie GreenThe recordings of the readings from the Airship Ball are now available on the BristolCon podbean account. This is the event that we ran to celebrate the launch of Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion.

It was a very fine event that featured music from Cauda Pavonis and a great number of fine costumes. The picture to the left shows Heike Harding-Reyland dressed as one of the fern people from Deborah Walker’s story, “The Lesser Men Have No Language”.

The recordings highlight three stories from the book.

First up John Hawkes-Reed talks about how to hack a steam-powered war elephant of the type featured in his story, “Miss Butler and the Handlander Process”. The sound quality is a bit poor, and John had a bunch of pictures on his laptop which obviously don’t come out very well in audio. However, the script for the whole presentation, including the pictures, is available to be read here (PDF).

Next up we have Deborah Walker’s dramatization of Jo Hall’s story, “Brass & Bone”. The cast is as follows:

  • The narrator: Joanne Hall
  • The Unfortunate Mrs. Angela Porter: Myfanwy Rodman
  • The Dastardly Mr. Howard Porter: Ken Shinn
  • Dr. Charles: Désirée Fischer

I must say that Ken is very good at being dastardly. 😉

The final recording is of Pete Sutton’s story, “Artifice Perdu”, which I believe Pete dramatized himself. The cast is as follows:

  • The narrator: Peter Sutton
  • Mr. John Loughborough Pearson: Duncan
  • Mr. George Merryweather: Scott Lewis
  • A sailor: Claire Hutt
  • A rude labourer: Ken Shinn

At the end there’s the embarrassing bit in which Jo & Roz present me with some lovely cheese as a thank you present for publishing the book. I have eaten the cheese. It was as good as I expected.

Tomorrow I’ll be uploading the readings from the last BristolCon Fringe, which is even more embarrassing because it includes a piece of flash fiction by me. Don’t say I don’t give you plenty to laugh at.

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