That Was The Fringe That Was

Well, I survived. 🙂

Public speaking doesn’t bother me, of course. Heck, I host the Fringe events, and that’s way easier than doing live radio. Reading my own fiction, on that other hand, that’s scary, especially when I’m actually quite pleased with what I have written. However, no one laughed (in the wrong place), no one walked out, and no one told me afterwards that what I had read as utter shit, which is definite progress.

More to the point, we had seven other fine stories. I’d like to extend a particular welcome to Pauline “Mazzy” Masurel, who had us all in stitches with her stories of an itinerant comet and a pregnant Brian Cox; and to Louise Gethin who appears to agree with me that garden gnomes are not to be trusted.

The Q&A turned into a discussion of the pros and cons of writing flash, but not before I had managed to lower the tone of the evening with some probing questions. Further to which, those of you who don’t know Talis Kimberley’s song, “Clever Men”, can download it (and read the lyrics) here, or listen to it below.

Audio of the evening will follow when I have had time to edit it.