Remembering The Missing

Jordan Howe drawing

One of the things I always make a point of emphasizing when I host a Trans Day of Remembrance ceremony is that while the statistics we have represent actual killings, we have no idea how many trans people take their own lives because they are unable to face the bullying and discrimination that is a daily part of their lives. In the UK, suicides are likely to outnumber murders. Last year we all heard of the case of Lucy Meadows. Today I received another tragic piece of news.

Jordan Howe was just 19 years old when she ended her life. She was from Northern Ireland, a huge Lady Gaga fan and a talented DJ. The picture above was drawn by her to try to express her feelings about being a trans girl, and is taken from this Tumblr memorial by one of her friends. The Lady Gaga fan community has also rallied round.

According to my source, an Irish activist, the local paper misgendered Jordan in reporting her death, and repeated some of the slurs flung at her by bullies.

And people wonder why trans folk are so angry all of the time…

3 thoughts on “Remembering The Missing

  1. thank you so much for covering the story of my sweet friend and for featuring my article on her life. I so appreciate the attention her story has been getting and I can only ease my own grief by promoting her story as much as possible to honor the wishes of her brother and family… every attempt is being made to get the story to Gaga’s ears as well.

    Thank you again, you rock.

    — KSB aka Chica

    1. Hi Katharine,

      Many thanks to you, and to Jordan’s family, for doing this. From my own point of view, it is simply a case of knowing that Jordan’s fate could so easily have been mine. Having made it to adulthood, I want to do whatever I can to help young women like me to have that same opportunity.

      I’m afraid I don’t have Gaga’s ear, but I’ll pull what music industry strings I do have.

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