Mimeo Panel Photos Online

You can see Colin Hinz, Geri Sullivan, Frank Wu, Brianna SpaceKat and myself doing the mimeo demonstration at Denvention 3 in these photos. Check the final picture which is a close-up of Brianna’s artwork. For a first attempt at drawing on a stencil that was awesome (well, except for the spelling, but we all know that kids today can’t spell, right?).

2 thoughts on “Mimeo Panel Photos Online

  1. I just realized. I think that mimeo is going in our trunk this evening. When Mike and I go to the event this weekend in Montreal, Colin asked up to bring up a mimeo, and when I asked how big it was (to make sure it would fit, never having seen a mimeo) he pointed me at a pic from the demonstration.

    *its a small world after all . . . * etc.


    Thanks for the link to the hecto info, I have now resolved to use that method at some point.

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