New Airship Review

A new review of Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion has been posted at the CultDen website. I’m pleased to see that it is very positive. I particularly liked the last paragraph:

The book does capture the feel and history of Bristol very well, indeed some of the stories feature true historical characters, but this is not a book that should only be read by locals. Bristol is merely the setting, the strength of the writing should appeal to audiences anywhere. At the start I asked “is it any good?”. Well, yes it is, very good indeed. If you like Steampunk, you’ll love this. If you’ve never read Steampunk, you should give the book a go anyway, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

So why not give it a try? You can get it from our ebook store, from Tangent Books in Bristol, and from most major bookstores.

2 thoughts on “New Airship Review

    1. Thank you. I’m assuming that Danie will take some copies back to London for the FP store there. Andy Bigwood will have copies for sale at Eastercon.

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