The End is Nigh

As those of you watching the UK news will know, the world is being destroyed in wind and rain today. I came back from Darkest Somerset on the train today, and was really rather lucky. There’s a tree down on the line between Tiverton and Taunton, so long-distance services from the West Country are severely disrupted. Fortunately I only needed local trains, which were only mildly chaotic.

Mind you, we are doing better than Toronto. From what I am seeing on Twitter, they are suffering an attack by Frost Giants. I hope that Thor & Co. turn up soon.

Coming back on the train south of Bath I could see that the Avon was close to bursting its banks. Many of the fields near Trowbridge were flooded. And judging by the number of people braving the wind and rain to throng to the shops there is a great deal of insanity about. There can be only one explanation. It is that time of year. It won’t be long now before we see Deep Ones swimming their way up the High Street.

2 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. I really, really hope this finds you home, safe and dry in your own cozy nest for Christmas. I just looked at a weather map for Northern Europe, so I also hope you have a contingency plan for when the monsters start to slither out of the drains and rivers.

    Meanwhile, I do want to wish you a peaceful, restful Christmas full of good food, wine and cheese, messages of love ( like this one ) from friends and other special people.

    And let’s all wish that 2014 is positive and productive, full of opportunities taken to do good and meaningful work.


    1. Yeah, all safe and dry here. The rain appears to have stopped for a few days, which is just as well given the amount of flooding around here.

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