Blimp Hanger Porn

We Bay Area people are very proud of our blimp hanger at Moffett Field, but it is not the only blimp hanger in the world. Other countries have them too. The Zeppelin NT #4 has finished its stint as a tourist attraction in London, and is on its way west. The zeppelin has been bought by Airship Ventures and will eventually be based at our Moffett Field hanger. But right now it is visiting RAF Cardington in Bedfordshire where there are not one, but two blimp hangers. Ship Up, the Airship Ventures blog, has pictures. And here’s a site about the base.

4 thoughts on “Blimp Hanger Porn

  1. Moffett hangar one is not a blimp hangar dammit. The Akron and the Macon were RIGID AIRSHIPS!

    (On a less spittle-flecked note, I am pleased to have passed through the “Zeppelinheim” station on the Frankfurt commuter rail…)

  2. If it helps lessen the sting, you could visit the blimp hanger at Tillamook, Oregon–there used to be two of them but one burned down in the 70’s. It’s now an Air Museum with a small private blimp on permanent display there.

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