Holiday Prep: Food Bloggery Begins

The Holiday Season is approaching fast, and as I had to pass through Bath on the way home I stopped off to buy cheese. The folks at the Fine Cheese Company were their usual, helpful selves. Here is what I’ll have on my Holiday Cheeseboard:

Next I had a look into Waitrose to see what they had. I came away with a couple of Buffalo burgers, which I’ll be having tomorrow and Friday, and a pheasant for the Solstice Feast. I didn’t want to get too much as I’m going to try to find time to pop down into Darkest Somerset to see my mum between Solstice and Christmas.

Finally I popped into Independent Spirit Bath to wish Chris & Cristian all the best for the Holidays. Besides being fabulous purveyors of high quality booze, they are also really friendly and I like to spend money there when I can. Sadly I can rarely justify buying whisky, but I did come away with a couple of bottles of beer.

As I whinged to Chris today, the trouble with their shop is that as soon as I find a beer I really love they stop stocking it and bring in a whole load of new stuff instead, which I then have to sample. It is a hard life.

First up was the Einstök Icelandic White Ale. I had two reasons for getting this. Firstly my brain is still on its way back from Canada. It seems to be refusing to leave Iceland, which is entirely understandable, but causes me sleep problems. So I thought I could bring Iceland to it. Secondly I need to read Snorri Kristjánsson’s book before he comes to read at BristolCon Fringe in February, so I thought I should have some fine Icelandic beer to drink while reading it.

I have also decided to try some of the output of the Wild Beer Company. These guys are certifiable. They do all sorts of amazingly adventurous things with beer, and they do it with more alcohol than most other people. The beer I have chosen to try is Wildebeest, an espresso chocolate vanilla stout. They say that it is, “Ideal for contemplation and speculation”. And at 11% ABV it is also ideal for falling over once you have finished it. Happy Holidays, people.

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  1. Sorry, Cheryl. All that came to my mind after reading your post was that scene with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline in “French Kiss” when they’re on the train rolling through the French countryside. Kevin’s character points out the cows, and and she screams that she has “just eaten that whole cow.” Next, she’s leaning out the train window, in agony, yelling, “Here it comes; here it comes: LACTOSE INTOLERANCE!” holding her belly and moaning. ROTFL

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