4 thoughts on “Been There

  1. I thought it was more a comment on unrealistic standards given to presenters in executive briefings.

    Well, that and Wally’s ability to abuse any bit of management stupidity to his ends…

  2. It may have been intended like that, but it also works very well as a commentary on the inability of some technical people to leave out any tiny bit of detail, regardless of its importance, or the ability of the audience to understand it.

    Dilbert, I think, might have created a single slide which said, in very large letters, “Your stupid idea won’t work.” Clear, concise, and to the point (if perhaps not very politically savvy).

  3. Remember the days of overhead projectors? You know the same gremlins who made those presentations so boring and unimaginative? They are still with us. So, how is it they can learn the new technology faster than we can?

    “Your stupid idea won’t work.” is good. Along the same lines, and I’ve used it, is… “Your Baby Is Ugly!”

    Yep, I’ve taken the hits for that one.

  4. A bit OT, but one of the reasons Jennifer Morgue is so great is the Powerpoint slides as a tool of eldritch horrors. Yes.

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