Happy Deathday, Section 28

Pink Against Prejudice

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the end of Section 28, the infamous Thatcher-era government rule about not “promoting” homosexuality in schools. We are being encouraged to wear something pink today to celebrate. I am doing so.

Of course the fact that the rule no longer exists doesn’t stop schools from acting as if it did, or stop people continuing to try to re-introduce it by various back doors. And in the intervening 10 years the idea seems to have been successfully exported to many other countries, just like we managed to export the idea of homophobia during the days of the Empire. The UK has a really bad track record in this respect, and we should do something to make up for it.

I also note that S’onewall is likely to make a huge fuss about this anniversary all week so as to try to drown out any publicity for the Trans Day of Remembrance on Wednesday. I am giving it a day in the sun today, and will be doing TDOR things from tomorrow.

And finally I have been told on Twitter that the nice phoenix image is widely pirated and should be credited to this person. I don’t know whether the people who produced the poster above asked permission to use the image.

3 thoughts on “Happy Deathday, Section 28

    1. TDOR itself is Wednesday, but the whole week is usually designated Trans Awareness Week. Purple would be good. Or indeed black for Wednesday itself as it is a day of remembrance.

  1. Thank you for that.
    Purple I can do. And black is my wardrobes middle name. I promise to dress appropriately.

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