BristolCon Weekend

Kevin and I spent much of Friday in Bath, showing Mary Robinette Kowal around the city. This naturally involved visits to the Georgian parts of the city, as opposed to the Roman bits that Kevin and I tend to frequent. This meant visits to the Assembly Rooms and to the Jane Austen Centre. We had Cream Tea, which was OK, though it is just as well that Emma Newman was otherwise engaged or she would have turned her fine Cornish nose up at it. However, we were not there for clotted cream and jam, we were there for research purposes. Special thanks are due to Martin from the Center’s staff who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to Regency clothing.

In the evening Kevin and I went out for dinner in Bristol. It was a (very belated) birthday present for Kevin, so I took him to somewhere rather special: Meluha, Bristol’s top Indian restaurant. Chef Stephen Gomes has won Best Chef in the English Curry Awards three times, most recently last year. I have had a better Indian meal before, but it was here, which is pretty stiff competition. Kevin, having never been to India, was well impressed.

We were up very early on Saturday morning as some hotel issues caused us to have to do most of the art show set-up then rather than Friday night. That made it a very long day. Thankfully the con seems to have gone OK. I won’t relax until I have seen a few online reports, because sometimes people who are unhappy aren’t willing to complain at the time, but I think we did OK.

My panels went OK, I think. I was particularly pleased with the comics one because KT Davies and Su Haddrell were awesome. Mark Buckingham was too, of course, but it is always a pleasure to be on panel with people I don’t know who turn out to be really good.

I’ll try to write more about the con later, but this week will again be very busy so it may take a while.

In the evening Kevin and I had dinner in Turtle Bay. I know it is a bit of a tourist-trap, but it does decent Caribbean food and I’m happy to eat there.

2 thoughts on “BristolCon Weekend

  1. When we did Bath a few years ago, I insisted we do Both! So I got to see some of the Roman and some of the Georgian and the Costume Museum. I was a happy camper. It is a wonderful place for research, and they were so helpful.
    Kevin seems to be enjoying himself, in spite of the train snafu.
    The weather reports have been scary. Take care over there.

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