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As some of you will be aware, the radio interview that I did with my friend Jools for Ujima has got a lot of great feedback. First it got picked up by Shout Out, the LGBT show on BCFM (the other community radio station in Bristol). Then I got contacted by the team who do the Best of BCFM show on Radio Bristol. They ran the interview on their show today (around 20 minutes in, after Tina Turner). It will be available for another week on the BBC’s Listen Again service here. Huge thanks to Harriet Robinson for giving me, and Jools, that opportunity.

By the way, each new show that picked up the interview wanted it shorter. Shout Out wanted 15 minutes, the BBC wanted just 10. It is surprising how much time you can save by ruthless editing out of hesitation and repetition, and I think I kept the majority of the content even in the 10 minute version, but if you want to listen to the full thing it is available here.

On the back of all that, I have been invited to appear on Radio Bristol’s Richard Lewis Show tomorrow. My slot will apparently start around 12:15. That too should be available on Listen Again if you can’t tune in live. Hopefully we’ll get to talk a lot about books and BristolCon as well as about trans issues.

If you are local, or going to be in Bristol soon, I recommend that you also listen through the end of the Best of BCFM where they have an interview with Stephen Gomes from Meluha, a new Indian restaurant in Park Street which has been getting a lot of attention. Emily at Bristol Bites (who I’ve had on Ujima) is a huge fan. And Stephen has recently been voted the best Indian cuisine chef in the UK. Kevin dear, I think we need to go out for dinner while you are here.

Of course I had put the weekend aside to clean the cottage in advance of Kevin’s arrival next weekend. I guess I need to do that all today. At least the Japanese Grand Prix will be just about over when I have to leave to get the train. I hope it isn’t a tight finish.

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    1. I’m reminded that US immigration is far more suspicious of writers and journalists than it is of editors and publishers.

      There is a class of visa you can get for being absurdly famous, but sadly I am not Madonna.

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