Clarkesworld #85

Oh my, where do the days go? I am still trying to catch up on all of the things I should have done on the first of the month, but could not because I was in London. Of course it doesn’t help that my producer at Ujima is on vacation, and that BristolCon is less than three weeks away. Yeah, busy.

Anyway, one of the things I needed to do was get the new Clarkesworld into the store, because it is full of amazing goodness. The lead story is “The Symphony of Ice and Dust” by Julie Novakova. She’s a Czech writer, and her bio says that she has a lot of stories published in her native language. There’s no translator mentioned for this story. I don’t know if she has translated it herself, or written it directly in English, but either way I’m impressed and excited.

The other two new stories are “Bits” by Naomi Kritzer and “The Creature Recants” by Dale Bailey. The two reprint stories are “The Ki-anna” by Gwyneth Jones and “A Night at the Tarn House” by George R.R. Martin. Gardner is certainly pulling out all of the stops with regard to the big name reprints.

In non-fiction my good friend Karen Burnham (who works for NASA) talks about some of the complications of asteroid mining. Jeremy interviews the inimitable Lavie Tidhar. Daniel Abraham questions our motivations for what we do. And Neil’s editorial celebrates seven years of publishing, another Hugo win, and another Chesley.

I absolutely adore this month’s cover, “Neo Maya” by Mexican artist, Raúl Cruz.

And the issue is now in the store, so if you are not buying it on subscription, or via one of those fancy new app things they are doing, buy it now. I know it is free online, but someone has to pay the authors.

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