Brighton Restaurants – The Wrap Post #WFC

Over the past few weeks I have done quite a few posts about places to eat in Brighton. I thought it would be useful to do a link post that collects them all in one place for easy RTing. Here you go.

Important: Brighton restaurants get very busy over the weekend. If you want to eat at the place of your choice, book in advance.

WFC members may also be interested in a number of reports I wrote for the online tourism site, IGoUGo, a few years back. Well, over a decade ago… sadly many of the restaurants mentioned are long gone (I particularly mourn Mamma Cheri’s and Coriander) and the West Pier has burned down, but a lot of the history remains:

4 thoughts on “Brighton Restaurants – The Wrap Post #WFC

  1. Cool, but can you recommend a nearby coffee shop where folks like Chris Garcia can hold guerilla kaffeklatches without the convention nickel-and-diming them? For that matter, what’s the appropriate Brightonism for “nickel-and-dime” since there aren’t nickels or dimes in English currency?

    1. Chris is running Kaffeklatches so that his fans can come and meet him?

      Anyway, I have done a post about coffee. See the links above.

      And as far as I know there is no British translation for “nickel-and-dime”. It is an American invention.

      1. Scalzi wrote a rather snarky blog about the odd way in which the Brighton WFC committee is implementing kaffeklatches (pay £5 in advance for your seat, ostensibly to cover the cost of the coffee, no refunds, no waitlist to fill cancellations) and at BASFA I mentioned to Chris he could run a guerilla kaffeklatch thing for 5 cons, he just needed to find somewhere for coffee.

        1. Among the blog reactions to the kaffeeklatsch policy, I did see one author (can’t remember who now, and can’t find the link) announce that they were, for sure, holding a guerilla kafeeklatsch offsite.

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