Hugos Live Tonight

It's Hugo Time!

Yes, it is that time of year again. I hope that some of you will join Kevin, Mur Lafferty and myself for live coverage of this year’s Hugo Award ceremony. The show will also be webcast live over UStream, hopefully without bot interference this year. I’ll probably have that up too, just in case Paul Cornell ends up cosplaying Amy Pond for his toastmaster stint.

6 thoughts on “Hugos Live Tonight

    1. It is 8:00pm in San Antonio which, if I have done my sums correctly, will be 2:00am in the UK, 4:00am in Finland and Estonia, and 11:00am in Melbourne.

    1. I know. I’m hoping it will change automatically. Because if last year is anything to go by it will be impossible to get UStream to fix anything on the night.

    2. LoneStarCon 3 says the password is their doing, and is there because they are in rehearsals. I should disappear at 7:00pm their time.

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