WSFS Business Meeting Follow-Up

Kevin has posted his thoughts about the Saturday meeting here, and the video of the meeting is available here.

I’d also like to draw your attention to this post by Aiglet, the person who submitted this year’s YA Hugo motion.

Of course you should pay no attention to that. As everyone knows, we women are so fluffy-headed and illogical that we are incapable of understanding when we are being oppressed. We need a man to tell us that. And because we are incapable of speaking for ourselves, we need a man to speak for us. That’s the way of the world, right?

8 thoughts on “WSFS Business Meeting Follow-Up

  1. Just wanted to note a correction – I’m actually not the original submitter of the motion. I’m just the person who picked up the banner at the con after she decided that she needed to redirect her energies.

    I am the person who stood up at the meeting, but I don’t think I deserve any of the credit for the hard work of getting the measure to the meeting in the first place.

    I’ve updated my entry to reflect that.

  2. Cheryl, I would have expected better of you than that attack. It is baseless and you know it. It’s also generic and unsubstantiated. Shall we take what could be a useful discussion such as we are having here at the convention, and turn this into baseless and nasty accusations like this going forward?

    You’re capable of better than this.

    1. So what, are you saying that Aiglet is lying and that she really does think that she was discriminated against. Or are you saying that she’s too stupid to know what she thinks, so she needs you to tell her?

      If you want to start talking about baseless attacks you could start with the person who launched an attack on the conduct of the Business Meeting.

      I really have no interest in debating with someone who yells “foul” when he doesn’t get what he wants. Especially when that person is providing fodder for people who want to destroy Worldcon.

    2. Jo: What I want to know is–in light of the woman’s post, are you going to change your blog post? Because on the face of it, you’ve mucked things up badly. I.e., are you saying her account is not true somehow?

  3. I have spoken with Aiglet and we are in agreement on most every point. She has asked me to update my post with information that I brought up during our conversation, and I have done so here:

    Aiglet wants to join the process. She feels that it is necessary to play inside the system to get there. I encourage her, and am mailing her my copy of Robert’s Rules in hopes that she will be successful.

    I am exiting the system, having decided it is a complete failure and cannot be saved. This enables me to say things that she cannot. I am also speaking with years of experience, whereas her new role demands an optimism I can no longer justify.

    I really, really do hope she succeeds.

      1. You are misunderstanding my actions, it seems deliberately. You are also failing to understand that Aiglet and I have discussed this matter several times, and she is very comfortable with how we stand on this matter: she expressed this aloud to several people.

        I have no belief that my opinion overrides hers. They exist in separate space. Your demand that my beliefs override her beliefs or vice versa is a false dichotomy. Jeff, you are smarter than this.

        I won’t be responding further to this thread, as it has brought about no useful dialogue, and contains nothing other than baseless attacks from people who are not part of the conversation. I welcome both of you to join me and Aiglet in our conversations at Worldcon tomorrow.

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