3 thoughts on “WSFS Business Online

  1. That was you? THANK YOU!

    Because I used it as research writing the draft of the press release when I couldn’t find minutes or anything online.

    Take this as public notice that I owe you an alcoholic drink of your choice.

    You are a goddess. Btw, on that question you asked a while back, I don’t know the answer yet but I’ll find out. Yes I should email but no time right now!

    Btw, the Finland travelogue will be appearing here…http://cerebral-ecstasy.blogspot.com

    But there’s not much up yet. One teaser post.

  2. Um, yes. SF Awards Watch is Kevin and me. I don’t advertise the me much. We have enough trouble getting people to send us stuff as it is.

  3. Val:

    I’m sorry we didn’t have the wording up sooner, but I was traveling (by road, on vacation) the week right after Denvention, and my primary computer, with the relevant text, stopped booting. I had to wait until the WSFS Secretary, Pat McMurray sent the Business Meeting head table staff the definitive versions of the text and until either WSFS.org or Devention’s web site posted them somewhere easily accessible before we give people what they wanted on this.

    I actually have a nearly-complete recording of all three sessions of the Business Meeting, but the files are huge — they filled five data DVDs — and need to be edited into smaller pieces before I can put them on YouTube or Google Video.

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