Bath Shopping – Way Too Tempting

On the way home from Bristol I stopped off in Bath to meeting up with a couple of friends (hello Daniel and Zoe) and introduce them to Mr. B’s. I also had a book to pick up; Mermaid in Chelsea Creek by Michelle Tea, which I am very much looking forward to. I always end up buying books when I’m in Bath.

I tend to buy food as well. I popped into the sausage shop to grab something for dinner, and was wandering back to the station when I noticed a new shop: Independent Spirit. Oh dear Goddess am I doomed. A specialist shop selling top quality boutique alcohol is somewhere I can end up spending lots of money. I very nearly bought a bottle of the famous Kraken rum, but I came away with a couple of beers instead, including this one, which is going straight into a chili.

2 thoughts on “Bath Shopping – Way Too Tempting

  1. I somehow get the feeling that wherever you are, you tend to end up buying books, Cheryl!

    I noticed the liquor shop too – it seemed, from a glance in the window (I restrained myself, with Zoe’s help, from doing more than glancing in the window…), to have a pretty good whisky selection, especially for a shop south of the border…

    1. Glad you managed to escape.

      I have seen stores down here with bigger whisky selections (there’s one in the Brighton photo collection), but rarely have I found one with a more interesting whisky selection.

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