Small Blue Planet – The Philippines

The latest Small Blue Planet podcast is now live at Locus. It visits The Philippines and features a very fine writer, Dean Francis Alfar, and the inimitable Charles A. Tan.

During the podcast we mention two of Dean’s books — How to Traverse Terra Incognita & The Kite of Stars — plus an anthology of fantasy stories — Alternative Alamat. All of them come from Flipside Publishing, the company that Charles works for; and all of them are in my bookstore. Charles has also just sent me a collection of stories by Eliza Victoria, which I will get in the store as soon as I can.

4 thoughts on “Small Blue Planet – The Philippines

  1. And the timing was perfect, as I had a long bus trip today 😀

    I really enjoyed this episode (actually I’ve enjoyed all the Small Blue Planet Podcasts)… I did some Googling when I got home and found there are 98million people living in the Philippines. Wow! I had no idea!

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