Chaos Walking Goes Adult

I have a press release from Walker Books announcing that new, adult editions of Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking trilogy will be published in May. As far as I know there are no changes to the actual story (though I continue to hope that there might be a reprieve for my favorite character on the grounds that adults can’t handle books that sad). However, each book will also contain a short story set in the world of the series and set prior to the events of the main novel. Two of these are previously unpublished while the other is only available as an ebook.

Apparently the books are due out on May 2nd, and it so happens that Patrick is doing an event in Bristol that night. I have a ticket.

3 thoughts on “Chaos Walking Goes Adult

  1. I’m at that event too! But I had no idea that’s when the new copies were out-I might have to make an investment…
    Also, I’ve never been to a Bookslam before, have you? I have no idea what to expect 🙂

    1. I’m guessing that it will be just a case of the authors taking turns to do a short reading. There doesn’t seem to be a theme for the evening. The closest I’ve been to something like this is Charlie Jane Anders’ Writers With Drinks show in San Francisco, which is a lot of fun.

      I don’t expect Patrick to lug copies of the new books up from London with him, but I’ll talk to Walker to see if they are going to be in store anywhere in Bristol that day. I’m sure Patrick will be happy to sign them if you have them.

    2. Good news. Walker Books informs me that Foyles in Cabot Circus will have copies of the new books on Thursday if you want to have copies to take the the event.

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