An SEO Tip

Yeah, not the sort of thing I normally blog about. 🙂

Over the past few weeks I have achieved around a 50% increase in blog traffic. I didn’t do anything special myself. It is all down to this post, in which I report briefly on an LGBT History Month talk. Ever since I posted that, “gay cartoon” has been one of the to search terms for the blog (often first, and with “gay carton” in second place). That little post has been the most viewed page on the blog on many days.

I have no idea what the people making those searches hope to find, and I’m pretty sure that they don’t find it. But, to quote Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, “still they come”. Weird, but definitely traffic-enhancing.

2 thoughts on “An SEO Tip

  1. I’ll confess a couple of those may be people like me popping back to that post to see if there was a further update. For a couple of years I used to do a similar historical analysis analysis of gay themed cartoons and humour on my semi-dead blog, and I was hoping that there might a link to more info about the talk .

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