Gay Cartoon History

Last night I attended a talk by my colleague, Robert Howes, at Bristol City Library. It was titled “From Scandal to Domesticity: Cartoon Images of Homosexuality”. Basically the idea was to trace the changing public attitudes towards LGBT people through cartoons. Robert was very entertaining, but his focus was mainly on single-panel political cartoons. He doesn’t know a lot about comic strips, or books. He did manage to find Spandex though.

Anyway, this has given me an idea for next year’s LGBT History Month: “To the Batbed, Robin! — A History of LGBT Superheroes”. Thankfully I have a whole year to work on it. I have my talk at Microcon to worry about first.

Talking of which, I’ll probably be quiet for the next few days as I’ll be traveling or at the convention.

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3 Responses to Gay Cartoon History

  1. Farah says:

    [Coughs meaningfully in the direction of a certain Exhibit Hall coming to a convention near you.]

  2. Kathryn says:

    Hey Captain,

    I’m not sure how much use I could be but if you want any info about LGBT characters in comics then I’m pretty sure I can help, though somewhat ironically I won’t be much use with superheroes.

    But both sound interesting, certainly.

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