5 thoughts on “Hugo Ceremony Photos

  1. In the picture labeled Tom Doherty and Friends, the friends on the right (when looking at the picture) are Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

  2. Thanks for posting these, Cheryl – I didn’t get to see much of the Pre-Hugos Reception, since I was busy herding c/a/t/s/ the VIPs down the creakily cantankerous elevator to the backstage reception area. As the elevator had stuck between floors earlier that day, and also had a tendency to go to/stay open upon floors that no one in there had requested (being also used by stagehands, janitorial staff, etc.), this was probably a necessary job, albeit a bit tedious. If we’d become stranded, I had emergency numbers for maintenance and the Hugo Award’s Staff programmed into my cell phone. I also had many, many coupons to hand out en route to all attendees for free Colorado beers – we hoped the anticipation of cold alcoholic drinks, and, in worse case, an imminent rescue, would sweeten everyone’s mood. It gladdened my heart to see the pictures, and to know that so many of those coupons were used!

  3. Hi Naomi – I’m sorry about the colors on the photo of you. I’ve been playing with my photo software but I can’t seem to get the skin tone to come out right.

    I should also apologize for not using my free beer tokens. Given that I was going to be taking video and blogging the ceremony, I needed a steady hand and a sharp mind.

  4. “Friends” in #33 (Daniel Abraham, Paolo Bacigalupi, and–) are Greg van Eekhout and Lisa Will, there to accept (or at least drink the free beer) on my behalf.

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