Yesterday’s Radio

The podcast of yesterday’s Outlook show is now available on the Ujima website. If you want to listen to me talking about marriage equality, the Leveson inquiry, the forthcoming LGBT History exhibition and Bristol’s role in the history of transsexuals, click here.

The segment with me in starts around 18 minutes into the show. Before that there’s some explanation of the “fiscal cliff” for confused Brits. American listeners may find it interesting that we regard your government as much more left wing than ours in its current economic policies.

The other two guests on with me were very interesting. I spent a long time after the show chatting to Edson Burton. His re-imagined version of the Odyssey, The Ithaca Project, sounds fascinating, and will have fantastical content as well as some very contemporary relevance. You can learn more about the work that Edson does here, and for local people there’s a note about free acting workshops for people who want to take part in the show.

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  1. Alex says:

    Is The Ithaca Project a book? (Don’t have time to listen yet I’m afraid.) sounds like the sort of thing I’d be into!

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