Today I went shopping in Bath. I wanted to take a look at the Christmas markets, just in case they had anything good. They didn’t, of course, but now I have looked. I was vaguely tempted by the guy selling wine made to an “ancient Roman recipe”, but I figure that wine-making has probably come on a bit since those days.

Anyway, I did pay a visit to the Fine Cheese Company shop, and have come away with a couple of new things to try. The first is an artisan Wensleydale that is actually make in Yorkshire (Bedale, to be exact, which is not that far from Wensleydale itself). The cheese is called Richard III, which is a bit scary, if proper Yorkshire. Hopefully it won’t murder anyone, especially me. (And all you RIII fans out there, yes, I know, he wuz framed by teh evil Tudors. But the Tudors were Welsh, you see.)

Talking of Wales, the other new cheese is a Caerphilly. They didn’t have any Gorwydd in stock, but they did have a similar cheese made in Somerset. I think it is the one listed here.

I shall sample those over the weekend. If you don’t hear any more you an assume that they were yummy.

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