The Dogs Are Out

Last week I posted briefly welcoming Dog Horn Publishing to the bookstore. I’m now delighted to report that I have added 15 new books to the store, and mobi editions of all of the books. Many of the books are horror and dark fantasy anthologies or collections, so if you like that sort of thing you’ll be very pleased. Here are a few others that caught my eye.

Rhys Hughes has been on my radar back since Emerald City days. Mister Gum comes with recommendations from Ellen Datlow and Jeff Vandermeer. There’s not much I can add to that, except to say that it pokes fun at the pretensions of the British, which is always worth doing.

Mechagnosis is a novel by Scottish writer, Douglas Thompson. I’m not familiar with his work, but his bio comes with a whole string of recommendations so clearly I need to check him out.

And finally, an anthology that bills itself as being from “the Dog Horn Prize for Literature anthology of cutting edge writing”. That should be recommendation enough, but how can you resist a book called Bite Me, Robot Boy?

All Dog Horn titles are £2.99, so why not give some a try.

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      The simple answer is “no”, because it would mean posting manually to LJ, and I don’t have the time for that. I could try to remember to not cross-post anything with iframes in it, but I would forget occasionally and it would mean LJ people missing out on a lot.

      The ideal answer would be for LJ to get with the 21st Century and support the iframe tag, but somehow I can’t see them doing that.

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