Locus All-Centuries Poll

I have email from Liza asking me to remind you all about the Locus All-Centuries Poll, in which you,the great science fiction reading public, get to vote on your favorite works of the 20th and (nascent) 21st centuries. I haven’t voted. Just looking at the recommended lists sends me into fits of indecision, not to mention guilty depression over all of the great books and stories I haven’t read. And I’m going to hide from the Internets for a week or so when the results come out so as to avoid all of the angry fanboys venting about how the Locus readers are just WRONG!!!!

I will note that I think it is outrageous that Elizabeth Hand’s Waking the Moon isn’t on the recommended list. I hope lots of you saw my tweet last night about the Cyber Monday fire sale that Open Road had of books by Liz and Octavia Butler. I’ve recently re-read Waking the Moon as a result of it being re-issued and I still love it. Must write a review.

Anyway, the nice people at Locus would like you to vote, and if nothing else you too can have fun — for various values of “fun” — looking through the recommended lists. You have until the end of the month to participate. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Locus All-Centuries Poll

  1. Cheryl,

    Just wanted you to know that without any prompting, I put Waking The Moon on my 20c Fantasies list, along with Moonwise, Rats And Gargoyles, and A Song For The Basilisk. So there. 🙂


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