Extreme Couponing

Yeah, so this is going to annoy a bunch of my male friends who hate being stuck in checkout queues behind some woman with a pile of coupons. Tough, lads. When you don’t have a lot of money you have to work these things.

Anyway, today, thanks to a combination of coupons, sales and the Tesco Clubcard Exchange I have purchased a food processor (RRP £60), a pair of home phones (RRP £60) and around £12 worth of groceries for the magnificent sum of £26. I am stupidly pleased with myself.

The phones, by the way, are because my existing phones don’t have called ID and I’m getting several spam calls a week. I’d like to be able to ignore them.

As for the food processor, who knows. But next time Delia or Nigella says, “and just whoosh it all up in your food processor”, I will feel slightly less inadequate.

4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing

  1. food processors, like blenders, are AWESOME. Although I stupidly gave away a blender that had been handed down to me (I was gifted a new one for my birthday) when I didn’t understand they were for different things.

    Also, frugality FTW

    1. I have all sorts of plans to make things, but making things takes time. Blenders, however, are definitely awesome. Mango lassi.

  2. Once you start using a food processor, it becomes like an additional hand. For example, when I’m having a bad shoulder day, I use it to grate carrots – or cheese for salads.
    Making fresh bread crumbs from stale end of loaves is a doddle. Etcetera, etceters … well … etcetera!

  3. I had no idea coupons were popular in the U.K. I somehow thought it was a USA thing. Luckily kitchen items seem cheap in Australia at the moment. Just bought a toastie maker for $8, and a regular toaster for $12. I think a food processor would be too challenging for my culinary ability. I did buy an orange juicer ($20), as a first step towards more dicing and slicing.

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