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With all of the back catalog now loaded into the bookstore, I can start on the new releases. As expected, our friends at Prime have been very busy. Here’s what they have produced for you in the last few weeks.

A Song Called YouthNot one book, but three. This is a classic cyberpunk trilogy from one of the founders of the genre, John Shirley. It has nuclear war, religious fundamentalists, and rock starts. A Song Called Youth – John Shirley (£13.45).

PowersA novel of crime, gods and demons: Powers – James A. Burton. (£4.49)

Swords and BloodBook One of The Vampire Musketeers. Yes, you read that right: sharp rapiers, and even sharper teeth. Sword & Blood – Sarah Marques (£4.49)

War and SpaceA new reprint anthology from Rich Horton & Sean Wallace. This one features stories about war in space. Featured authors include Ken Macleod, Al Reynolds, Cat Valente, Robert Reed, Sandra McDonald, Nancy Kress, Genevieve Valentine and Paul McAuley. The book also features the fabulous Hugo-nominated novella, “The Political Officer” by Charles Coleman Finlay. War and Space – Rich Horton & Sean Wallace (£4.49)

WitchesAnd finally a second anthology, this time from Paula Guran. Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful features stories from big name writers such as Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, Elizabeth Bear, Margo Lanagan and Kelly Link. Two of the stories, including one by Tim Pratt, are original to the collection. (£4.49)

I’ve also taken a quick peek at what they have lined up for June. Top of the list is Worldsoul by Liz Williams. Oh yes!

5 thoughts on “New From Prime

  1. AND in August, they will put out ‘Future Lovecraft’ with my story, ‘The Library Twins and the Nekrobees’ in it. GO PRIME!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to Worldsoul, myself.

    I do have a question, Cheryl. Sarah Marques is a pseudonym for Sarah Hoyt. As a bookstore proprietress, where do you draw boundaries on pseudonyms? Is it a good idea not to reveal them, reveal them only when authors want it, or always reveal them?

    1. Generally I just go with whatever the publisher wants said about the book. However, the new store allows me to do author pages. Right now all you get is lists of books, but if anyone wants me to add to their page I will.

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