Come Fly With Me, Elegantly

If Jay Lake has already posted this, my apologies, but it seemed to good to comment on.

A German company (Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei) is offering airship rides over London. The Zeppelin NT airship “Star over London” can carry 12 passengers and is based at Damyns Hall airfield in Upminster. The tickets are quite expensive: £185 for a half-hour flight to £360 for an hour-long trip. But people, you can fly in an airship! How cool is that?

More details from The Independent, and from a blog called AirshipWorld. And the web site for booking flights is here.

American readers, do not despair. The Zeppelins were given FAA clearance to fly in the US last month. An airship is on its way. Where will it be based? Why, where there is a blimp hanger, of course!

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