Cricket – Into The Playoffs

I’m pleased to report that the USA cricket team ended the tournament on a high, registering their third win as they beat Bermuda by 34 runs to secure 11th place overall.

Elsewhere Ireland crushed Canada by 10 wickets, but Scotland put up a tremendous fight against Netherlands. A couple of wickets in the 18th over put them in with a chance of an upset, but the Dutch tail managed to get them home.

Also today, Afghanistan played Nambia for the right to immediate entry into the main tournament. The Afghans won, so they will play in Sri Lanka in September. They also go directly to the tournament final. Ireland now play Netherlands. The winner of that will play Namibia. And the winner of that will book a trip to Sri Lanka and play off against Afghanistan for the tournament cup.

2 thoughts on “Cricket – Into The Playoffs

    1. Ah, right. I see. Bermuda were 7th in their group, so that was indeed for 12th. Hong Kong were 6th in that group. Boy they have a complex playoff system.

      Still, it means that USA has another match to play, and they are on a roll.

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