That Bestseller List Thing

Some of you were a bit skeptical when I posted about Seanan McGuire’s problems with her book release date last month, assuming that the book trade couldn’t possibly be that daft. Well, Alan Beatts, who is a far better bookseller than I will ever be, and has years of experience, wrote about this sort of issue in the latest Borderlands Books newsletter. To read what he has to say, click here and scroll down to the “From the Office” column.

Please note that this is monthly newsletter so if you are reading this after about mid-April 2012 the post will probably have gone away.

2 thoughts on “That Bestseller List Thing

  1. I read Alan Beatts’ comments and what they say about Amazon makes me sick. It is why I now do everything in my power to NEVER buy books from them. I am sorry to lose Book Depository into their slimy clutches, but my meager book buying allowance will not go to Amazon or any of its subsidiaries.

    If any thing good does come out of Amazon’s egregious behaviour, it may be the strengthening of smaller independent and local book sellers. People who care will look for ways to source their books from more ethical suppliers, like Wizards Tower.

    1. The sad thing is that Amazon got their market dominance because they are very good at what they do. The shopping experience is excellent, and they deal well with small publishers.

      I’m trying to make a small impact, but between bookstores that can’t be bothered to sell my books, and publishers who can’t be bothered to sell through my store, not to mention not having the money to invest in as good a website as Amazon’s, it is very hard.

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