SF & Malt Whisky: A Perfect Blend

As many of you will know, one of my current favorite whiskies is Jura Prophecy. I had no idea that the Jura distillery also owns a writer’s retreat. I should be paying more attention to what Ken MacLeod writes about. Still, thanks to SFX, I know now. And I also know that you (if you are a UK resident) can enter one of those ridiculously simple competitions that is really a prize draw, the prize for which is a free stay at that very place.

It occurs to me that if I win it I won’t be able to afford to get to Jura, but maybe they’d send me some free whisky instead.

2 thoughts on “SF & Malt Whisky: A Perfect Blend

  1. Getting to Jura is less expensive than you might think: you can take the bus/train to Glasgow, then the bus from Glasgow to Kennacraig, then the big ferry to Islay, then the wee ferry to Jura. Getting there from Edinburgh cost me something like forty pounds return, through mostly splendid scenery.

    1. Thanks. That’s not as bad as I thought, but there’s still train from here to Glasgow, and probably overnight hotel in Glasgow each way. Even flying I’m not sure if that trip is possible in a day.

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