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My theme for this blog has been getting a bit scrappy so I though it was time for a bit of spring cleaning. Things may be a little weird for a while while I chase bugs, but hopefully most of it is OK.

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  1. If this helps debugging: for me on a Mac it looks probably as it should do in Safari and Chrome, but normally I use Firefox and with that all I can see on the extreme left (with the browser using the whole screen) is a tree and some sky, and the text is cut off at “Cheryl’s Me” and “Skip to co” and so on. If I also remove my History sidebar I can see most of that content links text, though “Feline thoughts about anything from food to r” is cut off.

    And there’s a lot of wasted white space on the left side between all that and the blog posts. There’s a lot of beige on the right, and the cat and “Who, me?” and Other Sites and so on is at the bottom, under the posts, where in Safari and Chrome that stuff is on the right, as I assume you intend. So, something odd about Firefox. Or my Firefox.

    1440×900 screen 2008 MacBook Pro using Snow Leopard and Firefox 10.0.2

    1. Interesting. I’m running Firefox (10.0.2) here and it looks fine, though that’s on Windows. When you say that the right hand side is cut off, is it actually missing, or is Firefox giving you a horizontal scroll bar?

  2. I’m using Chrome (on Windows) and my view is similar to what Nicholas described. At the upper left, I see a picture of the tree and sky, with the words “Feline thoug” (cut off in mid-word) above it. Then there’s a lot of wasted white space between there and the blog posts.

    Unlike Nicholas, though, I don’t see a “Cheryl’s Me” or “Skip to co” anywhere. I don’t have a History sidebar, so that doesn’t apply to me. Pretty much everything that used to be on the right side (beginning with “Who, me?” and the leopard picture) appears at the bottom of the page now.

    1024×768 screen resolution, using Windows 7 and Chrome 17.0.963.56.

    1. This is all very odd. It looks fine for me on my usual Windows machine, but that’s XP and Chrome 17.0.963.65. So I dug out the netbook, which is Windows 7. That has Chrome 17.0.963.56 m. I had to dial down the screen resolution a lot to match you, but when I did the blog still displayed OK.

      The theme I’m using is distributed as standard with WordPress and I’ve done very little customization. An interesting question would be whether you can see this OK: It is using the same theme.

    2. Something else that would be useful to look at (and my apologies for asking, but I can’t reproduce the problem here) is to see if the problem persists if you click on the title of a post to see it as an individual entry. I’m guessing it does as you’d have to do that to post comments but I want to cover all bases.

      FYI, the problem you guys are seeing sounds like an un-closed

      tag, but if that’s the case it should happen in all browsers. I’ve checked all of the custom code I have and can’t see anything obvious of that type.
  3. I just sent you a screen grab of your About page to to your em address (entitled Blog Screen Grab with cm.jpg attachment in case it is spamtrapped) to show how it looks. And yes, the same on the main page, the about page, individual posts.

    “the right hand side is cut off” means that the text is blocked by the white space which is the overly-large border area of your main texts, as though this post and comments were on a piece of paper laid on top of the sunset pic and links.

    Wizard Tower Press page looks fine in Firefox, though.

  4. Interesting problem. With my Firefox the page looks good, but with Safari it has all the above mentioned problems. Used with Mac 10.7.3.

    1. It’s very annoying. Given what Nick says above, I’m pretty sure that it must be a problem with one of the widgets. If it was custom code it would only be on some pages. And if it was the theme then the WTP site would be wrong too.

      I had removed all of the

      tags from most of the widgets before your comment came in, so I’m guessing that didn’t fix it. I’ve now removed the Twitter links widget which has javacsript in it so could be an issue.
  5. Now the page seems to working alright, at least for me, on both Safari and Firefox.

    1. That seems to suggest that it was the Twitter buttons that were at fault. Hopefully Nicholas and Joshua will be OK now too. If they are, problem solved.

  6. Although I looked at this site in Firefox on another computer and it looked normal there, and on Internet Explorer on my home computer and it looked normal there too, I’m still experiencing the same problem using Google Chrome on my home computer as I was yesterday.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions on how to fix the situation, although I would like to know whether other Chrome users are experiencing the same problem.

    1. Good news. I don’t know if you did anything different since yesterday, but I can now report that the site is displaying normally on Chrome on my home computer. So as far as I know, all of the error reports have been resolved, unless Nicholas is still seeing problems.

      1. Ah, no, I didn’t touch it yesterday. I think maybe you had something cached. But great to know that you are OK. Nicholas is too. Problem solved, I think. Thank you, everyone.

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