Finn Fan Secret Exposed?

Well, CNN might not know where London is, but they do have some interesting stories.

According to this news item, a group of shipwreck hunters operating in the seas between Finland and Sweden have discovered an unusual object on the bottom. It is roughly circular, about 60 metres across, and looks remarkably like the Millennium Falcon.

Weird news experts have already picked up the story. I found it via David Roden who linked to this piece, speculating that the object might be part of R’lyeh.

I, however, have a different theory. It is well known that Finnish and Swedish fans hold an annual convention on an island in the seas between Finland and Sweden. Is it possible that what the shipwreck hunters have discovered is in fact Jukka Halme’s secret undersea base? Inquring minds want to know.

6 thoughts on “Finn Fan Secret Exposed?

  1. Ah, the possible submerged Hannebau disc in the Gulf of Bothnia. I wonder why this story’s been picked back up again now? It did the rounds in July/August last year.

  2. I vote fir it being Jukka’s base but who’s to say it isn’t (also) R’lyeh – this is The JUKKA we’re talking about after all.

    1. As I understand it, they won’t be going back there for a couple of months, so you have plenty of time to move the base and replace it with a giant Hello Kitty logo.

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