The Turning of the Page

Well, it is December 31st yet again. I have been spending part of today watching some of the appendices from Return of the King. Some of it is quite emotional, with Peter Jackson and his crew saying goodbye to each other after four years of filming. It seemed an appropriate sort of thing to be doing at the year’s end.

I don’t think I’ll miss 2011. It has been a fairly disastrous year financially and business-wise. That may seem a very odd thing to say in a year in which you won another Hugo, but I’m also fairly certain now that, barring miracles like a lottery win, I’ll never get back to California. I’m not even sure if I will ever see Kevin again, except via Skype.

The past, however, is past. As Neil wrote earlier today (he’s in Melbourne, so he’s been in 2012 for some time now), a new year is an opportunity to make new and different mistakes. Next year I shall try to fail better, at new and hopefully exciting things. You never know what the future might hold.

Happy New Year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “The Turning of the Page

  1. Greetings for a Very Good New Year!
    I shall be talking about you on Saturday here for the Chinese sf people.
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have done for us, once again.

    BIG hugs!

    ipa, Beijing
    (and greetings from the snail eating boy as well, as he is here with me)

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