Why They Get Away With It

Yesterday in my TDOR post I mentioned this petition, which is intended to get the UK media to give a bit more respect to trans people, at least on one day a year. I know Sunday is a bad day to publicize anything online, and I know the petition probably won’t have much effect, even if thousands of people sign it. But right now the total number of signatures is 124. A substantial number of those are from outside of the UK, which is very nice to see, but will be discounted by the targets of the petition.

So on the basis of that evidence, less than 100 people in the UK care about how our media treats trans people. Doubtless it will grow a bit with time, but not substantially. And next time that TransMediaWatch complains about some repulsive nonsense in a newspaper, the Daily Malice folks (because it will almost certainly be them) will be able to turn round and say (in not quite these words), “Look, if it had been badgers or foxes there would be a million signatures on that petition. No one give a shit about you freaks, why should we?”

Hopefully it will get a boost during the next episode of My Transsexual Summer. That will actually be good evidence for the value of the show. But I’ll be out tomorrow night (AGM of the Bristol LGBT Forum) so someone else will need to boost it on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Why They Get Away With It

  1. Isn’t that a 124 who have left reasons, but 200 people actually signed so far? I signed yesterday, but I’m not listed and 124 seems to be the total of reasons you can view. Not that that total is much bigger…

    1. No, the 200 is a target. It started at 100 and stayed there until the signatories passed that, then jumped to 200. Up to 135 now though.

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