Digging Up The Dark

I often joke about living in Darkest Somerset (which I don’t quite now as Trowbridge is just over the border into Wiltshire), and these days the country doesn’t amount to much save for a cricket team famous for losing finals. Years ago, however, Somerset was one of the more important parts of Britain. And of course a few millennia back Wiltshire was home to the civilization that built Stonehenge. So archaeology is important here. I like to support it.

Now it so happens that Liz Williams’ partner, Trevor, is embarking on a Masters degree in community archaeology that will involve a project somewhere close to their home in Glastonbury. No, Trevor isn’t going to dig up Arthur & Guinevere. That grave is mediaeval fake. There are plenty of other sites worth investigating, including the Sweet Track, an ancient causeway across the Somerset Levels. (That was one of the things I took Kevin to see when we did a whistle-stop tour of Somerset a few years ago.)

As Liz explains here, doing this requires money for tuition fees, and she’s helping out by running a funding campaign on Indiegogo. The minimum donation is $100, which I guess will be a bit steep for many of you, but the premium is rather impressive. Liz says:

I’m starting the Hundred Stories Project. From January 1st, 2012, I’ll be writing a story a day, about the people who have lived in and around Glastonbury from Neolithic times. You’ll get 7 stories at the end of each week, plus the extra. They’ll be short stories, a page for each person, and when the project is finished I’ll be binding the stories for display.

There’s also a $1,000 level option that involves a 4-day stay with Liz & Trevor and a guided tour of the area.

If you want to participate, the project page is here.

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  1. Many thanks for boosting the signal – one correction: the minimum isn’t $100 (you should be able to donate a single buck if you prefer!) as that would be way too steep. Several people have had difficulty with the Paypal links for ‘other amount’, however, so I have contacted IndieGogo.

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