A Collector’s Market in Video Games?

My shoulder is getting better slowly, and I’m learning to manage the problem. I’m sure it would get better much quicker if I could take a couple of weeks off, but that’s life. Anyway, one of the things I am trying to do is do more stretchy-type exercises: yoga, Pilates, that sort of thing. I remembered Neil Gaiman recommending a Wii game by New U that did those things, so I thought I would investigate. I remembered it being about £25 in the UK, and I figured it would be cheaper now as it came out well over a year ago. Boy was I surprised.

The game is $30 on Amazon.com, which seemed about right, but when I looked at the UK it was a lot more. Here’s Play.com:

game on play.com

OK, so maybe that’s the usual “covert $ to £ and add a bit” thing that we often have to put up with over here. But now here’s Amazon UK.

game on play.com

Yep, £99.98. Wow.

I suspect what’s going on here is that the item Amazon UK is linking to is not the same as the basic game. It may be bundled with something. But it did rather surprise me, and I did have a moment of “is that what a Neil recommendation does to the price of a video game?” thoughts.

4 thoughts on “A Collector’s Market in Video Games?

  1. It’s worth pointing out that neither of those games are from the ‘store’ themselves, but other sellers. I had a look on GAME just now and it’s listed as out of stock, so it might be worth your time – if you’re near a store – to pop in and just see if they have any used copies. That said, there’s a lot of similar titles kicking about.

    Just had a quick look on the always-dodgy CEX, and they seem to have six copies nationwide. It’s got a PEGI rating so it’s definitely had a European/UK release, but it might have been very limited as they sometimes are.

    What I’d suggest Cheryl is perhaps pick up a similar product for now, but keep your eye out for people selling it on FleaBay and don’t forget to ring up a couple of your local GAME/Gamestation/HMV stores as they may have a used copy in.

      1. Nor have I, but that’s because I don’t look 😉

        It certainly couldn’t hurt to make a few phone calls to see if anywhere has it, though.

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