Clarkesworld #60

So, what have we got for you this month?

Our lead fiction is from a favorite writer of mine, Robert Reed. “Pack” is about dogs, not any other sort of pack, OK? As usual, it is available in audio via the excellent Kate Baker.

The second story is “Signals in the Deep” by Australian writer, Greg Mellor. The “deep” in question is space, not the oceans, so please don’t expect giant squid. (Well, no one expects giant squid…) That one will be on audio later this month.

Jeremy’s interview victim subject for this month is Genevieve Valentine whose debut novel, Mechanique, is one of my favorite books of the year so far.

In my department there’s an article by Nancy Fulda all about the development (or lack thereof) of artificial intelligence.

The cover art is “Forest Spirit” by the Brazilian artist, Mike Azevedo.

And finally Neil has an editorial to say thank you because, you know, this:

CW Hugo 2011

I understand that a problem has been reported in the Kindle edition supplied to subscription customers. The problem appears to be at Amazon’s end, because the copy Neil sent me to put in the Wizard’s Tower store is fine. You can get it there, though obviously we’d prefer you to buy a subscription because predictable income is a Very Good Thing.

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    1. Giant squid have three main weapons: tentacles, a fanatical devotion to Ambergris, pretty red skin a habit of turning up when no one expects them.

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